MycoMinerals™ Organic Soil Amendment
- the ultimate soil additive!

All in one – this product provides essential mineral elements plus adds vital biological life, mycorrhizae, to garden soils and potting mixes.

From a chemical perspective, a plant requires not only nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) for nutrition, but also several minor and trace elements. These include calcium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, chlorine, boron, and others. There are currently at least 16 proven essential elements.

Each and every one of the essential elements are equally important to a plant’s full health, although they are needed in greatly differing amounts. If any one of the elements are missing from soil, then plants can never be completely healthy (much like humans lacking some essential vitamin or mineral in their diet). Find them* in our MycoMinerals™ product! (*Element N is produced by the mycorrhizae’s microbial activity.)

MycoMinerals™ also contains a blend of mycorrhizal fungi spores, an important bio ingredient that is widely regarded as being the “quarterback” of the beneficial microbial organisms. These fungi attach to the roots and link the plant to the soil’s nutrients. A plant with mycorrhizae on its roots can uptake 100 times more nutrients than without them – all in ideal proportions. (The smart fungi sense plant needs and then forage for needed elements and moisture extending their feeder threads out into surrounding soil spaces.)

The underground assortment of earthworms, beneficial bacteria and fungi decompose organic matter, digest and process mineral elements into forms that plants can use, generate needed nitrogen, and actively protect plant roots from diseases and pathogens. Creating a healthy biologically active soil environment should always be the first goal of any gardener. If done properly, then almost everything else about growing plants becomes very easy.

This then is the logic behind MycoMinerals™: to give garden plants everything they need, based on sound science. Simply blend the all-in-one product into garden soil then, don’t disturb the soil life – no further fertilizers, just water and sunshine should produce the results you want.